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Sentrell & Brock Sam


Sentrell Sam is originally from New Orleans, La. settled in Saint Martinville, La. after being displaced by hurricane Katrina.


Brock Sam is a native of Saint Martinville, La. We met in 2009 and married August 13, 2011. We love to fellowship, watch sports, travel, and joke around ALOT. Our intentions weren't to join a church, But God called and we answered YES. Best decision we both could have ever made. Now expecting our very own son (Brock Jr. or B.J.), we are more excited that God called us to Children's Ministry. We love kids, and our focus is to reach and teach the children of our local community. "Kidz world" is specifically designed for the helping of children to learn, know, and grow in the Lord.


We as first generation believers,  believe that it is key to train up a child to know and follow God's word accordingly.  We believe that the children are our future and to lead kids in the right direction is very important. Our vision is for a environment where children can come to worship,  praise,  and learn of God in a fun classroom-like environment. Kids revivals, field trips, vocation bible school, and kids fellowships will also help the kids grow and learn how to seek God and worship him in spirit and in truth.


We believe that if we can reach at least one kid, it would make a differences in the kingdom. We want to reach each and every kid in our community, also praying that the kids who have parents who don't know of Christ can be reached by their kids.






Hello my name is Brock Sam I am a first generation believer and I devote myself for the betterment of the kingdom. I am originally from St. Martinville, La, but also lived in other places like California and Texas. I enjoy fellowships, playing sports, joking around, and serving the Lord. I am married to the lovely Mrs. Sentrell Sam, who is carrying our first child (Brock Sam Jr.) whom I am waiting patiently to get here. I never could imagine in this time of my life I could say that I am a born again, Holy Ghost filled believer, but thanks be to God that I have been pulled out of darkness and set free from bondage.


I believe that whether you're doing sound or cleaning up after church or preaching the gospel,  better is one day in God's courts then 1, 000s elsewhere, I believe that through my ministry we could spread the gospel, the word of the Lord in a major way to lost souls through CDs, videos, etc. so that these souls that might not know the word of the Lord can get an understanding and be able to learn God.


Therefore my vision in sound and media is to spread the word to everyone, from cds to videos to live streaming sermons and other events through the website, to distribute the gospel in as many ways as possible and save souls as many souls as possible.








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