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Grady Hypolite Sr.

My name is Grady Hypolite Sr., my hobbies are horseback riding, gardening, and I also like outdoor activities such as picnics, and playing basketball at times. 


I was raised by my grandparents, and my mother in the country on a sugarcane plantation, during my youth and teen years. I observed them having to work very hard for a living. My grandparents worked very hard. We were given chores to do such as cutting wood for the fireplace, feeding animals, taking care of the lawn, and a multitude of other chores.



As a team member of maintenance department I would like to continue to see that the lawn is taken care of, cut on a weekly basis or as needed, weeds being poisoned in ditches, along building, parking lot, and around tool shed. Ant poison being applied as needed. My desire is to create a flowerbed around the sign frame and front side of the building. I also have a desire to see other departments expand and continue to communicate and work together for DOCJ SM

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