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About Us

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Here at Disciples Of Christ Jesus  our identity & mission is simple. Become learners and teachers of Jesus. Being led of the Holy Spirit, reaching for all people without regard to any prejudices.

Disciples of Christ Jesus was birthed in the heart of pastor Byron Hypolite. 

Firstly started as a non profit in 2010, out of a desire for the church to be the church outside of the four walls of a building. Before the non profit stage, he simply started telling everyone he knew and did not know about his testimony, and how Jesus Christ saves.


It then grew into home bible studies in whatever city he could secure one. Then in 2012, he and Lashona felt a call to plant in St. Martinville.


Physically, all that was there was a building and properties that were run down, and only one person struggling to keep the lights on. Spiritually there was hope and a vision for Jesus' church to be established in the city.

Today a congregation exist of several people who have come to know Jesus and walk with him. We are continuing to strive to follow in the footsteps our the Lord Jesus Christ, being led by his Holy Spirit. 

We would love for you to join us!



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